5 Ways To Give Back!


One of my New Years Resolutions is to give back more this year. Whether that be donating to those in need, volunteering my time or just helping a friend, I want to spend my time and money more wisely to benefit myself less and others more. I decided to do a different post today and share 4 different ways you (and I) can give back and help others.

1.) Half United is a company that I stumbled across at a holiday fair I was working at. They sell clothing and accessories (that are super cute, might I add) and for every item sold 7 meals are donated to a child in need! Fighting Child Hunger is something that is close to my heart. I worked at a school where 90% of the population was receiving free or reduced breakfast and lunches. It worried me that these kids weren't getting enough food on the weekend, on school breaks and especially in the summertime.  Having enough food is not something a child should ever have to worry about! This business feeds children not only locally in the U.S. but in other countries as well. My Giving Back Is The New Black t-shirt is from Half United and it is so soft and comfy! Love their jewelry too! 

2.) Give Back Box is an organization my mom told me about recently. They send you free shipping labels so you can donate your gently used clothing, accessories and household items to Goodwill. They promote reusing your cardboard  boxes laying around the house (Hello Amazon Prime junkies!), so not only are they helping donate to those in need but they're promoting recycling and reusing (you go green girl!). 

3.) Girls On The Run is a kick butt non-profit organization that empowers young girls and teaches them about making goals, team work, health, and confidence. Girls meet twice a week with a coach/leader and do team building lessons, talk about achieving goals and believing in themselves all while training for an end goal of completing a 5k race. The race and running are just a small part of what girls gain from this experience. As one participant put it "I learned that I am the boss of my brain!" Girl power!! You can volunteer for this organization as a coach, or if you have less time to spare or are not that in to running, you can volunteer at the race, or donate money for supplies for the group (snacks for the girls, running shoes for those who can't afford them, etc.).

4.)I just heard about The Drive Change organization and loved the idea behind it! It's a 1-year fellowship program for young adults (mainly, teens) who have just gotten out of prison in NY or have recently gotten in trouble with the law. The teens work at a food truck for a year in NYC and learn how to cook, work with money, customer service and marketing. Teens gain empowerment through community/advocacy work and leadership development. They come out of the experience with industry credentials that help them gain employment after the fellowship. You can check out their website to volunteer time (if you live in that area), or donate to support a second chance for teens for a brighter future. 

What are some organizations or volunteer opportunities you enjoy?? I'd love to know! Share in the comments!