Amazon Steals: Health & Beauty Edition

Amazon Health & Beauty Steals!.png

1. ) Ello Cup (BPA free)   2.) Workout Tanks (3 for under $18)  3.) Makeup Brush Cleaning mat (under $10)  4.) Leggings (under $17)  5.) Silicone Straws (BPA free and dishwasher safe)  6.) Workout Ball (under $18)

Hey friend! I decided to start a new series called Amazon Steals here on the blog that I am super excited about!  I am a huge Amazon Prime shopper and love finding awesome deals that are delivered straight to my house with zero shipping cost. I have a feeling this will come in handy when the baby comes. Each post in this series will feature different types of products at an awesome price. This one I focused on my favorite Health and Beauty. Here are my favorite steals!

1.) I heard about the Ello Cup because Jessica Alba loves it (lol feel free to judge me) and I knew I had to try it out. It's a glass travel cup with a straw and a friction fit lid that is perfect for coffee ( hot or iced), smoothies, tea or whatever drink you love.  The cup is BPA, PVC and lead free and dishwasher safe. However, I would not stick the lid in the dishwasher, as the top has a cork accent. I have had this cup for over a year and use it daily! 

2.) These Workout Tanks come in a pack of three and are one of the best rated workout tanks on Amazon and such a steal (3 for under $18!). I love the color choices and just ordered my first set!

3.) I will be the first to admit that I am TERRIBLE at cleaning my makeup brushes (gross I know). For some reason I can't seem to squeeze this chore in even though I know it is super beneficial! I have had the Sigma Makeup Brush Cleaning Mat in my Nordstrom shopping cart for months and just can't pull the trigger as I felt that $37 was a little pricey for something that scrubs the dirt and makeup off my brushes. I then stumbled upon this Makeup Brush Cleaning Mat and at such an awesome price point (under $10) I figured what the heck? I'll give it a spin. You get two in a pack (one small for traveling and a large one for home) and I have used it multiple times and have to say my life is changed (ok, being dramatic but for real!). I could NOT believe how gross and dirty my brushes were! After one clean my skin instantly cleared up and my makeup applied better the next day (as there was not a ton of extra junk in the brush)  go figure ;).  I highly recommend this mat! 

4.) These Baleaf Workout Leggings are actually something my hubby bought for me for Christmas. He is the one who got me hooked on Amazon and he loves finding good deals. These leggings are one of the highest rated workout leggings on Amazon and they're better than I expected. I am a runner and hate when my leggings don't stay in place. I have worn these on long runs, to yoga class and Pure Barre and on coffee runs and they not only stay in place but they're super comfy and flattering! For under $20 you can't beat them! 

5.) Ok, this may seem super random but I am obsessed with these Silicone Straws! I actually saw another blogger post about these (shout out to The Skinny Confidential) and I had to try them out with my smoothies! They're not only BPA & BPS free but they're dishwasher safe (always a must in my book). I use these for smoothies, iced coffee and lemon water. Just snag a pack, trust me they're awesome! 

6.) This workout ball is under $18 and has held up for over a year (even with my crazy dog chasing it). I love Amazon Basics when it comes to office supplies and workout gear as it is not fuss, frill and unbeatable price.

What are some of your favorite Amazon Steals? I'd love to know! Let me know if this series is something you'd be interested in seeing more of.

Thanks so much for stopping by!