My Favorite Ways to Buy/Sell Consignment


Good morning friend! I wanted to share my favorite companies today that I use to sell and buy consignment items. I have been using consignment shops/websites since high school and truly enjoy the thrill of digging through clothes and accessories to find that one (or ten ;)) treasure(s). I also sell my clothes and accessories through consignment and think it's a great way to clear out your closet and make a few extra bucks! Here are my two favorite consignment companies I use....and a few others I enjoy as well.

1. Plato's Closet is a chain that I have been going to since high school. They sell both men and women's clothing and accessories. I used to shop there a lot more especially when I was a broke college student. They are great to shop at near big universities because you will find a lot more new items. I recently found all three pairs of heels above for under $50 (and they're all brand new!). Plato's Closet is a place where you need to have a chunk of time carved out to shop there. You are definitely going to be doing some digging! 

  • PROS:  I usually focus on denim and shoes while I'm there. Jeans are my favorite clothing item and I have found so many great pairs at Plato's Closet. My advice is to search for name brand denim, look for the brands you already know hold up and will last for years. Their denim is very reasonably priced (usually ranging from $15-$40 depending on the condition and brand) and worth the hour hunt! Shoes, you know I love a good pair of shoes! I try to hit up Plato's at the beginning of each season to see what new shoes they have (think boots in the winter, wedges in the spring). Again, I look for name brands, or brands I already own and love. I try to stay clear of trendy pieces (learned this through experience) that I will only end up wearing once or twice. Stick with the classics (pass on the glittery heels)!  Plato's also offers a frequent buyer punch card. For every $10 you spend you get a punch, once your card is filled up you get discounts. I read online that some Plato's Closets are switching to a digital rewards program (PTL!!).
  • CONS: Some items I tend to avoid while shopping at Plato's Closet are workout clothes (unless new), just a personal preference....I sweat a lot when I work out (sorry TMI) and just think of someone else's sweat when I think of consignment workout clothes.  I also tend to stay clear of tops  as well. I have bought tops from there before but honestly I find that even if the top is in good condition, that it just does not hold up as long because it is previously loved. Be weary of loose strings (they tend to unravel shirts after 1 wash) and pilling. I have noticed that Plato's Closet will still buy and sell clothes that are pilling, these tops look way worse after they have been washed once or twice.  I usually only buy tops from Plato's if they still have the tags on them (but again that is my personal preference). The biggest con I'd say about Plato's Closet is selling your items there. You drop off your items at the counter when you arrive and they put your name on the dry erase board when they've gone through your clothes. Honestly, every time I sell there I feel totally ripped off. They offer pennies for brand name clothes and I just think there are better options where you can get more money for your gently used items. Which brings me to Poshmark.
Bag and shoes are both items I purchased off Poshmark

Bag and shoes are both items I purchased off Poshmark

2. I started using Poshmark a few years ago and LOVE it!! Poshmark is an app and website that you can buy and sell women, men and children clothing and accessories (men and children's clothing are new to the app!). I use Poshmark mostly for selling but have bought a few items off the app as well and have enjoyed both experiences. You can shop my Poshmark closet at @christineschu  

  • PROS: Like I said above I really enjoy selling items on Poshmark! You post a few pictures and a description of your item. Other Poshmarkers can either buy your item at the posted price or they can make you an offer and you can negotiate the price. I love that I feel protected as the seller and buyer on Poshmark. I have had a package lost before and also have had an issue dealing with a difficult customer and Poshmark resolved all issues with zero stress on my side! When your item sells they instantly email you a pre-paid shipping label. You can shop and sell from the comfort of your own home! The other upside (there are many) is that they have a HUUUGE  variety of items and brands. You can find just about anything on Poshmark.
  • CONS: Poshmark takes 20% of your sale. Honestly, this does not bother me that much because you can just add this in to your posted price (and all consignment shops are going to take a percentage of every sale even if you don't physically see that number, they are a business after all), but I know it does bother a lot of people, which I understand. Poshmark does pay for your shipping though so I think you just need to keep that in mind when selling. Low ballers.....this being dramatic but for real it drives me NUTS when I post an item and someone sends me an offer for 60% of the price I listed it for. Not only is that rude but a huge waste of both of our time. There is a way to shop consignment and be courteous to the seller/buyer. Don't offer someone 50% of their asking price, they're going to turn you down every single time. Knock off (or fake) bags and shoes are also an issue. This is always a risk you take when buying a consignment designer item. The nice thing is that If an items sells for $500 or more that Poshmark when authenticate the item for you for free. The not so nice part? you have to spend $500 to be guaranteed that your item is authentic. I hope Poshmark changes this policy in the future. In the meantime, ask tons of questions to the buyer and do your research. 

Here are a few other consignment sites I enjoy. 

  • Thred Up is self proclaimed the largest online consignment shop! I honestly have not bought or sold anything from this store but have heard great things about it! 
  • Fashionphile is a consignment site that sells/buys designer accessories. They discount their items every 30 days that product is up (you can get up to 30% off the listed price if you wait). They have an awesome selection, and every item is guaranteed to be authentic.  
  •  Mercari is a similar concept to Poshmark. Buy/sell through an app. I have sold one item through Mercari and it was a positive experience. The nice part is they do not charge you a percentage of your sale! However, I do feel like they are less organized and have less customers and inventory than Poshmark.

I hope this post will help you while shopping and buying consignment. What are you favorite ways to shop/sell consignment? I'd love to know! comment below!

Thanks so much for stopping by!