Hump Day Happenings


Good morning! How is your week going? Mine has been busy but good! I wore this outfit on Sunday for errands and a lunch date with my hubby! The outfit is a little different than something I normally wear but I wanted to switch it up this week! I love fashion because you are able to start fresh each day and create a different look and way to present yourself. This sweater is classic and so versatile. This vest is one of my favorites! These boots are a hand me down, but I love this pair. This bag is handmade by awesome designer, K. Slade. She is super talented and makes all of her pieces here in the U.S.! check her out here! Here is a similar more budget friendly one. Loving this statement necklace and this one too

On another note, I wanted to share with you this bible study have been doing.  I have been reading the She Reads Truth Lent bible study and it's been my toughest one yet. I love She Reads Truth and have done a bunch of studies through their site. They are awesome and provide all of the scripture right there and have some truly talented writers and artists. However with that being said I think that sometimes when your reading the Bible and growing in your faith it can be uncomfortable! I heard this quote the other day that really rang true. "Change is uncomfortable" I've had a lot of change over the last year and man has it been uncomfortable lol. It has been good though, and I feel it bringing growth to my personal relationships and my relationship with God! I read this scripture today and it is such a great reminder that whatever season you are at in life, no matter what you're going through God is with us, always. 

Image via She Reads Truth   
Image via She Reads Truth


If you have any prayer requests or need someone to talk to or just want to chat. Feel free to email me at or comment below! 

Thanks so much for reading along! It truly means so much to me!