My Favorite Postpartum Products for New Mamas!


Hi friends! I hope you had a wonderful weekend! How sweet is my little Graham in these photos!? This newborn stage is so snuggly, sweet and sleepy. We have been running off pure coffee these first few weeks but are starting to get in to a rhythm. I plan on posting some more baby related blogs posts within the next few weeks (don't worry there will still be tons of fashion content), so if there is anything specific you'd like to see, I am all ears! I’m definitely not a pro and new to this whole mama role but I’ll share with you along this journey as I learn! Today I wanted to share with you products that I am loving during my postpartum recovery. Recovery after childbirth is crazy, beautiful and honestly uncomfortable. I can't believe how strong women's bodies are! I found a few products that have made my recovery process go a lot more smoothly and thought I'd share. 

1. The Bellefit Girdle is something I stumbled upon during my first trimester and was super curious. It is a medical grade postpartum corset that helps with the healing process. It helps support your back and belly, assists in lymphatic drainage and is great support for women who have had c-sections and diastasis recti. It is the number one doctor recommended medical grade corset and helps to lose that extra belly weight and just feel better and supported. I have been using mine for a few hours a day for the past two weeks and I've really noticed a difference. The biggest thing is my stomach is feeling stronger, less vulnerable and my back feels supported. I will definitely be using this corset again and think it is a great product for recovery! The best part? You can get $20 off your purchase with promo code bargainbelle20.

2. I am a big fan of cocoa butter to help prevent stretch marks during and after pregnancy.  I used Palmer's Cocoa butter through my entire pregnancy and have continued to use it while my body recovers.  I used this lotion on my entire body during pregnancy and this oil on my belly (helps reduce itching with your growing belly!). I switched to this cocoa butter after having Graham and use this belly butter as well and love it!


3. Nursing bras and nursing friendly PJ's. I plan on doing a whole post on nursing friendly clothes that are stylish but wanted to share my favorite bras and jammies I have been wearing repeat. I bought a pack of these nursing bras from Amazon and love them! They’re affordable, comfy and have easy access for breast feeding. I originally bought these PJ’s to wear in the hospital but never got around to wearing them. I pulled them out of my closet the other day and they’re my new favorite for sure! The material is insanely soft and the button up top makes it easy for nursing. I’d recommend them to anyone!

What products are you loving lately? I’d love to know! 

Thanks so much for stopping by!